Agreement with ICQ

Ivan Komarov ivan.komarov at
Thu May 19 08:28:12 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

(I suppose this message will be of interest to Mark only, but oh well)

It's good news: the ICQ guys finally acknowledged that alternative
clients exist. They want us (me, to be exact, as I'm the only
Pidgin-related person they know) to sign an agreement.

According to them, I should "accept" the online version of the
agreement (,
then print a hard copy of the document they mailed me (which is
basically the same as the online version, only with a Signature
field), sign it and send a signed copy to their Moscow office (they
will forward it to Israel).

So, a couple of questions to those who care:
1. Is it ok (legally) if I sign this document? Perhaps someone else is
in better position to do that (I don't know, maybe President of
Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.)?
2. What should go into the "Company or product name"/"Website" fields?
I think the product name should be "libpurple" (since technically it's
libpurple that uses ICQ services, not Pidgin itself), but what about
the website?
3. The ICQ guys say we can continue using the developer ID issued by
AIM to Mark for ICQ authorization, but suggest that it might be a good
idea to request a separate developer ID for ICQ. Should we?

Иван Комаров (Ivan Komarov)

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