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Andrew Victor Andrew.Victor at
Tue Oct 4 09:58:35 EDT 2011


> I talked to Kevin in the XMPP muc and his reason was basically that he
> doesn't know what the intended purpose is for PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_MISC
> and he's betting Andrew doesn't know either (I also don't know), and
> Kevin thinks we should try to assess whether it's useful before
> getting rid of it.
> That sounded reasonable to me.  So, uh, anyone know if
> PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_MISC serves a purpose?

I did first search on for references to

Only real references I could find were:
A plugin where the web-page mentions it "no longer works".

2. Adium
Where PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_MISC is treated the same as

> - Some Pidgin devs think it's useful for committers to be available in
> IRC or the XMPP multi-user chat while making commits, in case someone
> has questions about them.

I do hang-out in the XMPP MUC occasionally (nickname = Pavlov).


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