RFC: Include images in search-results

Andrew Victor avictor.za at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 18:49:01 EDT 2011


I'm looking at extending the SearchResults-Notification API to support
displaying of images/profile-pictures with the results - at the moment
it only supports plain-text.
I've tried to keep it the similar to the Request API, so:
  * Changed purple_notify_searchresults_column_new
  * Added PurpleNotifySearchField struct
  * Added notify_searchresult_field_text_add
  * Added notify_searchresult_field_image_add
  * Updated all the protocol prpl's that use the searchresults API.
  * Updated Pidgin for the UI changes.
(I still need to do the Finch changes)

Could you please review the attached patch and let me know if it looks
Ok, or if there is a better way of implementing it.
It would be nice to get this functionality included for 3.0


  Andrew Victor
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