purple_ssl_connect to prevent nslookup

karthik kumar kumarkarthikn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 15:17:34 EDT 2012

    purple_ssl_connect is resolving the hostname to public ip and then
tryting to connect. I have one strange url where I have to connect only
using the hostname but not ip.

 To explain:
   wget   'https://hostname/a/b/c/d?e=f'  =>  PASS Result.
   nslookup  hostname   gives me   pub_ip
   wget  'https://pub_ip/a/b/c/d?e=f'       =>   FAIL Result.

The same with pidgin api's
    purple_ssl_connect( conn, hostname .....)  and purple_ssl_write(
 /a/b/c/d?e=f  ...)     => FAIL Result.

Is there a way I can connect with the hostname itself ? I tried to search
but couldn't get anything useful. Can I get some help on this ?

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