purple_ssl_connect to prevent nslookup

Duncan Berriman duncan at berrimans.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 05:42:39 EDT 2012

Not an issue with pidgin as you have reproduced it with wget.


Obviously things on the internet only connect via the ip address, the host
name is always translated to an ip.


Unusual that the connect using ip fails however it is possible the web
server has been configured to only accept connects which specify the
hostname (if you understand the http protocol it is passed in the request).


You might want to try an openssl s_client -connect hostname:443 and see what
that gives. 






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    purple_ssl_connect is resolving the hostname to public ip and then
tryting to connect. I have one strange url where I have to connect only
using the hostname but not ip. 


 To explain: 

   wget   'https://hostname/a/b/c/d?e=f'  =>  PASS Result.   

   nslookup  hostname   gives me   pub_ip

   wget  'https://pub_ip/a/b/c/d?e=f'       =>   FAIL Result.


The same with pidgin api's

    purple_ssl_connect( conn, hostname .....)  and purple_ssl_write(
/a/b/c/d?e=f  ...)     => FAIL Result.


Is there a way I can connect with the hostname itself ? I tried to search
but couldn't get anything useful. Can I get some help on this ?





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