Request new feature related to ldap -- show contacts photo automatically

Joey Jiao joey.jiaojg at
Wed Dec 5 08:07:04 EST 2012

Hi Pidgin Developers,
I noticed that pidgin has a 'Set Custom Icon' feature, but I only can
pick photo from local disk.
Actually, if you are familiar with lync - office communicator, you can
see the photo is automatically downloaded.

I know if I have the email of the contact, I can get his id from ldap
server, and then I can transform the id to the photo url. Then pidgin
can show the cached photo.

Is it clear what I mean?
Can anyone modify the current pidgin code in either way below:
1. Set Custom Icon can call my script to get the url and then show the
contact photo from that URL.
2. Another pidgin plugin to setting for ldap server to query by uid,
and then format an URL for the photo and then show the photo or even
more some specific attr of the user in the contact info zone too

-Joey Jiao

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