Request new feature related to ldap -- show contacts photo automatically

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Wed Dec 5 16:29:36 EST 2012

On 06/12/12 00:07, Joey Jiao wrote:
> Hi Pidgin Developers,
> I noticed that pidgin has a 'Set Custom Icon' feature, but I only can
> pick photo from local disk.
> Actually, if you are familiar with lync - office communicator, you can
> see the photo is automatically downloaded.

Icons should be automatically downloaded on each protocol, as long as 
they've been previously set. By setting a custom icon,  protocol 
dependent, the server side icon is updated. At least, this is what I recall.

What you describe would be best served by a generic non-standard plugin. 
I don't see the functionality to be so compelling that it'd need to be 
in core. Such a plugin would not be shipped as 'standard' with Pidgin 
unless a developer agrees to maintain it forever.


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