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Sun Jan 15 15:28:03 EST 2012

On 16 January 2012 08:55, Николай Антонов <ostinru at> wrote:

   XMPP(jabber) have a very good extensibility! But in libpurple it is a
> tricky to make it works! Plugin-writers should do tons of parsing!
> While I was trying implement this XEP - I faced with the Strephil's
> problem too.
> I think, that jabber_add_feature should go to the libpurple API (or
> signal). And after that it is possible to do semething with xml-REparsing
> by every xmpp-plugin.
> Any ideas?
>  That's an interesting idea.  I have to agree that, as a plugin author,
it's a pain in the butt to write plugins that extend/use jabber/xmpp in
libpurple.  Including jabber in the public libpurple headers would be great
to be able to: easily add new xmpp prpls from 3rd parties, stabilise and
versionify the jabber prpl api, make it easier for 3rd party plugins to add
new auth mechs, make it easier for 3rd party plugins to add support for new
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