Plugin and jabber features

Николай Антонов ostinru at
Sun Jan 15 14:55:02 EST 2012

23.12.2011 12:36, Strephil пишет:
> I have begun to work on
> XEP-0184 adds feature var='urn:xmpp:receipts'. May I add this feature to
> GList* jabber_features from protocols/jabber.c (jabber_add_feature or
> something)? Or I should connect to "jabber-sending-xmlnode" and modify
> iq-responses in plugin?

     XMPP(jabber) have a very good extensibility! But in libpurple it is 
a tricky to make it works! Plugin-writers should do tons of parsing!
While I was trying implement this XEP - I faced with the Strephil's 
problem too.

I think, that jabber_add_feature should go to the libpurple API (or 
signal). And after that it is possible to do semething with 
xml-REparsing by every xmpp-plugin.

Any ideas?

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