Pidgin at ROSEdu's CDL

Mihai Maruseac mihai.maruseac at
Thu Jan 19 04:15:30 EST 2012


ROSEdu [1] - an Open Source Organization from Romania - organizes an
Open Source Course for undergraduates (freshmen usually) - now at its
fifth edition - named CDL [2],[3]. Basically the course is made of two
main parts: some lectures on technical aspects and coding to an open
source project. We plan to include Pidgin in this edition and have
selected a list of items from the Trac pages [4].

Because one of the lectures will touch git we will use it for
development [5] - repo will be added today or tomorrow from the actual
monotone state - and after each feature's completion the student or a
mentor will forward the patch to you. Is this ok? Should we take a
different working procedure?

We will tell the students to subscribe to this mailing list if they
desire. Are there any other lists they should subscribe to?

We will also tell them to use the IRC channel.

Hope everything is ok and that the course will solve some things from the list.



Mihai Maruseac
on behalf of ROSEdu

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