[GSoC 2012] STATS COLLECTOR -- First run and some help needed from devs out there :-)

Sanket Agarwal sanket at sanketagarwal.com
Fri Jun 1 10:23:25 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I think a few of you already know me out here. I am sanket from India and I
am working on Pidgin-stats collector. I am not sure if there's a wiki out
there for the project but you can follow my blog roll specific to SoC at
[1]. Project description and proposal can be looked up at [2] and [3].

I have been working on collecting useful statistics which can help devs out
there to decide which feature/platform is worth investing time on, besides
stats being interesting in themselves :-). I have compiled a list of
statistics that should be done, and have written a nifty plugin to do the
dirty-work :-D. Besides I have been able to bundle up a nice website where
these stats can be handled.

One major component of Stats collection is knowing platform specific
information such as, Hardware Type (Intel, PPC etc), OS Type (Mac, Lin, Win
and their specific versions), Bitness of OS and Application separately
because they can vary a lot :-). This will require a lot of machines to do
testing on! So here comes the part where I would require your help,

I have created a mtn repo where my plugin resides [4], you can
download/build and use it as a plugin. The plugin sends the information
that is fetched to a server currently accepting POST requests. The
statistics will be finally displayed here [7]. The direct link to the raw
file is available at [5]. The code for the server component resides in [6].

The collected stats will be visible in $PREF_DIR/stats.xml (which is
~/.purple/stats.xml in my case). You can sure have a look at it.

I presume some of you might have secrecy concerns regarding what is sent,
in that case you are most welcome to have a look at code before installing
:-). For those who wish to try this plugin on Windows I am attaching a
compiled .dll [8] which should run under a 32 bit Pidgin/Win

Lastly, the plugin is supported for 2.x.y in Windows (if you use the .dll)
and 2.x.y/3.0.0 if you compile from source.

Thanks for reading :-)


[1] -- http://www.sanketagarwal.com/blog/?cat=7
[2] --
[3] --
[4] --
[5] --
[6] --
[7] -- http://pidgin-stats.alwaysdata.net/collectstats/display/
[8] -- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11564582/statscollector.dll
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