Mtn -> hg. SoC?

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Mar 18 23:54:04 EDT 2012

It seems like a big enough task to me, but I would hold the student to
a very high standard:
- Complete history
- All tags and branches
- Configuration/installation of Mercurial on our boxes
- Updated wiki information on how to access our Mercurial server,
maybe a link to more Mercurial info.  Info on how to migrate from
Monotone to Mercurial (even if it's just "mtn diff | patch"

I haven't been involved in the migration effort so far, so I don't
have a lot of insight into how close we are.  If it turns out that
we're extremely close, then maybe it doesn't make sense as a summer of
code project.

I added this to
Anyone should feel free to edit/amend/remove as you see fit.

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