GSoC Chat Log Viewer

Mitchell computers1055 at
Mon Mar 19 12:25:14 EDT 2012


For Google Summer of Code I'm interested in improving the chat log viewer.
My basic  ideas so far are below.

Update the current chat log  GUI to support the new features
   -Add contacts to the list box on the left, when contact is expanded, 
it expands into the current hierarchy of dates.
     -Ability to group by protocol, combine meta contacts, or neither
     -Ability to sort by name, last talked to, most talked to.
   -A textbox below the list of contacts to search through all available 
     -No find/go button, the contact list will be searched as a name is 

Add the implementation of the GUI
   -Functions to retrieve a list of all users that have logs
   -Functions to sort and the group the users, depending on user settings
   -Functions to search through the users for real-time pruning
   -Functions to display the sorted,grouped, and trimmed user list on 
   -Functions to determine the last time the contact was talked to, 
frequency of the conversations,
     -A way to store this information, store it in xml file, one for 
each user,
   -Functions for getting combined contacts, and combining their 
histories together in the right order.

Is the idea good? And is there anything that I overlooked or could 
improve upon?


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