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Николай Антонов ostinru at
Mon Mar 19 13:15:32 EDT 2012

Hi, Mitchell!

As pidgin user I propose add:
  - search in the 'background' (in the another thread). At this time
    pidgin get frieze - it is terrible!

And possible features:
  - fuzzy search
  - real-time logs update (so history and conversation windows
    can be merged into one)

Nikolay Antonov
can not read Russian?
Learn it.

19.03.2012 20:25, Mitchell написал:
> Hi,
> For Google Summer of Code I'm interested in improving the chat log viewer.
> My basic ideas so far are below.
> Update the current chat log GUI to support the new features
> -Add contacts to the list box on the left, when contact is expanded, it
> expands into the current hierarchy of dates.
> -Ability to group by protocol, combine meta contacts, or neither
> -Ability to sort by name, last talked to, most talked to.
> -A textbox below the list of contacts to search through all available
> contacts
> -No find/go button, the contact list will be searched as a name is typed
> Add the implementation of the GUI
> -Functions to retrieve a list of all users that have logs
> -Functions to sort and the group the users, depending on user settings
> -Functions to search through the users for real-time pruning
> -Functions to display the sorted,grouped, and trimmed user list on screen
> -Functions to determine the last time the contact was talked to,
> frequency of the conversations,
> -A way to store this information, store it in xml file, one for each user,
> -Functions for getting combined contacts, and combining their histories
> together in the right order.
> Is the idea good? And is there anything that I overlooked or could
> improve upon?
> Regards,
> Mitchell
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