Keyring integration/detachable sessions and GSoC

Corey F coyotebush22 at
Sat Mar 24 16:42:26 EDT 2012

Hi all,

In browsing for Google Summer of Code project ideas, I noticed a few 
interesting projects where some progress has already been made.

Integration with desktop keyring managers is a feature I'd like to have, 
and was a GSoC 2008 project [1]. The SoC 2008 project status page lists 
"Waiting 3.0.0", and I see some recent cleanup work by qulogic in 
*im.pidgin.soc.2008.masterpassword, so perhaps there's not sufficient 
work remaining* for another GSoC project.

"libpurple detachable sessions" is listed on the current project ideas 
page, but was a GSoC project in 2010 [2]. The suggested "remote mode" 
could probably make a substantial project, though I'm not confident I 
have the necessary networking knowledge. It looks like there's also work 
to be done to bring the existing progress to a usable state.

I'd appreciate any insight into the status of either project.



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