Android backend

Michael Zangl michael at
Wed Mar 28 06:26:22 EDT 2012


I want to apply for this years gsoc to create an "android-backend", a
bridge of libpurple to java. This does not include UI work.

The reason I want to do this is that I saw that it is a lot of pain
getting libpurple working the right way (I had several mails with Alexis
on this), so creating a universial build system that can be used by
everyone and creating a real android-port of libpurple with a java
interface would really help the project. There is a lot of need of a
good, open-source chat client on android and libpurple is perfectly
suited for this (why reinvent the wheel), but there currently is no way
to include libpurple in an android application.

This proposal is idependend from Alexis one and does not cover a GUI,
but if we both get accepted, we can work together. If I won't be
accepted, i will be still providing help with android porting, if
someone is interested.

Best regards,

Michael Zangl

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