[GSOC] Intuitive log viewer.

Phani Kumar psp.phanikumar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 02:49:30 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Sorry if I sound rudimentary. I have exams going on and I penned down a few
queries real quick. I seriously need your input on this.

I intend to work on an intuitive chat log viewer for pidgin which will be
on the lines of gnome-contacts (the interface).
I have zeroed down on the final design. But there is one thing I need to
Since we are going in for a more "contact-oriented" way of presenting logs.
i.e. all the logs of a contact spread across various accounts are to be
displayed in one place, why don't we store the logs in a more convenient
manner. I have made this small
[ I have included the pros and cons of both the models, the present model
and the proposed one]


Can anyone tell me how feasible this is and which model would you go for
and why?
Thanks. That would help me decide my future course of action.

P.S.P Phani Kumar,
irc: slotlocker
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