[GSOC] Intuitive log viewer.

Phani Kumar psp.phanikumar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 03:12:52 EDT 2012

And the design I was talking about...
Here is a mock-up

The key features would be:

   - Different IM accounts of a single contact will be displayed in
   separate tabs.

   - Have a continuous chat view with different chats separated with ‘date
   and time’ in bold. (something like the conversation-view.)
   - The “find” feature will now search for keywords from the entire log
   history( preferably backwards as default ) of an individual contact.
   Currently it is limited to a single chat. This would be a welcome change.
   - The log viewer will have an additional “Initiate a new chat” when the
   contact is online or “Leave a message” when the contact is offline.(for
   supporting chat networks like gtalk). That would be a convenient little
   addition for people to drop in a quick note.

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