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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun May 27 11:07:45 EDT 2012


I have completed a test conversion of our monotone database to mercurial.  I ran
the conversion on Friday evening, but it took most of yesterday to push the
resulting repositories to a location that was publicly accessible.  Here are the
repositories (all accessible via any browser or via 'hg clone' with the URL's

This repository is the raw result from the 'hg convert' run.  It includes
everything currently in our monotone database:

The following repositories are branches in monotone that Daniel thought should
be split from the main repo.  Note that anywhere there is an underscore is where
a dot would have been in the monotone branch name.  I renamed only the
repositories here, because I could not push them to the server with dots in
their names, so the branch names have dots where applicable.  Additionally, the
"im.pidgin" prefix has been stripped from the branch names.  The "main" repo
listed below is the one that is intended to be our main development line after
final conversion.

Please review these repositories and point out any problems in the conversion so
the scripts can be tweaked appropriately.

Changes I would suggest immediately:
  * Put the three adium branches in one repository, not 3--Evan essentially
    put his foot down over at Adium a while back and said he doesn't want
    multiple repos because it's painful to a reasonable workflow, so let's
    simplify his life a bit.  They're heavily inter-related anyway and it
    eliminates two repos.  I'd also suggest that we hand this repo over to
    the Adium guys for them to host on their own server so they can maintain
    it completely independently of us--this gives them more freedom and

  * Drop my examples branch entirely from the resultant hg repos.  I see no
    value in keeping it around, and we're leaving the mtn server running in
    read-only mode anyway, so we won't lose anything.

  * The webkit stuff can probably all be put on the default branch in the
    main repo since it's all been merged now.  This would cut out two repos.

Please comment ASAP; I would like to declare monotone dead no later than Friday,
2012-06-01 and turn off write access at that time so we can begin a final

Additional notes:  I reviewed and accepted the conversion script work Felipe
Contreras submitted to the list back on 2012-05-13.


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