Switch rock.pidgin.im from lighttpd to nginx?

Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman buanzo at buanzo.com.ar
Mon Apr 1 10:42:46 EDT 2013

A lighttpd fcgi setup is extremely easy to move to nginx fcgi. You shouldnt
find a problem at all, Mark.

Slowloris is the base for most low bandwidth http DoS attacks. I'd worry a
bit about it :)
 On Apr 1, 2013 11:26 AM, "Daniel Atallah" <daniel.atallah at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Mark Doliner <mark at kingant.net> wrote:
> > How do people feel about me changing rock.pidgin.im (used for serving
> http
> > and https pidgin.im and imfreedom.org) from lighttpd to nginx?  They're
> > similar, in that they're minimal, fast, lightweight web servers.  I
> > originally became a fan of them over Apache because they're less
> vulnerable
> > to the Slowloris[1] attack, although it looks like Apache has
> mod_reqtimeout
> > now, which should help.
> >
> > And I've grown to like nginx over lighttpd because I find the config
> syntax
> > to be a little easier, and I feel like the project is stronger[2].
> >
> > [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slowloris
> > [2]
> >
> http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2013/03/01/march-2013-web-server-survey.html
> I don't think that Slowloris is something that we should be too
> worried about, but perhaps I'm missing something.
> I don't have much direct experience with nginx, but I don't think
> that's a problem, if you think it's worthwhile and want to invest the
> time to making the transition, I have no problem with that.
> Note that rock also serves hg.pidgin.im (hgweb using fastCGI), so that
> will need to be migrated as well (I don't expect that to be a
> problem).
> -D
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