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Mon Apr 8 08:18:39 EDT 2013

   I needed to know whether adding an option "show IMs and chats in main
window" and adding "buddy search" to pidgin is sufficient enough to be
proposed as a GSoC 2013 project ? Will it be accepted as a GSoC project ?

Thanking you,

Abhinav Misra

> If you make a permanent and major change to the window layout some users
> won't like it. However, I think you could implement your proposal by adding
> two Pidgin options:
> 1. *Show IMs and chats in main window*. There's already a *Show IMs and
> chats in tabbed windows* option that puts the conversations into tabs on a
> separate window, so if your new option is selected it would just put them
> all in tabs to the right of the buddy list in the same window, as shown in
> your diagram.
> 2. *Show search box in buddy list*, to optionally add your "Search name"
> box.
> I think "Picture" should be within the conversation tab instead of outside
> of it as you've shown, since different tabs will be conversations with
> different people. I don't imagine people will object to adding user
> pictures when available or the "Search in Conversation" box at the top of
> the conversations area because there's plenty of unused space there. Just
> put the search box to the right of the Picture instead of below it so it
> won't require additional space.
> -- Conrad


*Abhinav Misra*
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