GSOC 2013 ideas regarding XMPP

Thijs Alkemade thijsalkemade at
Thu Apr 11 10:55:52 EDT 2013

On 9 apr. 2013, at 15:03, Phil Hannent <phil at> wrote:

> Stream Management

I am not a Pidgin developer and so don't have any say about which projects are selected, but I opened that ticket to indicate that I would be working on a patch myself.

While admittedly it has been almost 2 years since then, I have a patch for it which I'd say is about 95% done. I just need to figure out a common crash when not resuming on time, and add some polish (configurations to enable/disable it, etc), and it would be done.

Of course a student can always hope to do this better than me and pick it anyway, but I would suggest putting that effort into some other features. :)


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