Chat Avatars?

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On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 10:47 PM, Alex M (Coyo) <coyo at> wrote:

> In some IM protocols/networks, group chats can have a "chatpic" or
> "convopic" essentially an avatar for the group chat as a whole.
> Is there any technical limitation within pidgin or libpurple that would
> hinder an enterprising young plug-in developer from being able to bring
> such functionality to pidgin and other front ends to libpurple?
> The protocol/network I have in mind is skype, however this functionality
> is not limited to this. some obscure protocols of obsolete/ancient and
> site-specific (facebook-style api-based) chat systems often have this
> feature as well, though i have not seen that feature reflected within
> pidgin.
> Any enlightenment in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in
> advance!

You better take a look at the gtkconv code but I guess there is nothing
preventing you to do it. You must be able add an image in the chat window
just in the same place as the IM window.


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