GSoC 2013: Website translation combined with new plugins window

Michał Poczwardowski dmp0x7c5 at
Sat Apr 13 19:14:38 EDT 2013

Hello Pidgin Devs,

My name is Michal Poczwardowski[1], 23, Poland. I'm a happy pidgin
user and I am interested in
taking part in this year's Google Summer of Code.

I really liked few ideas from page but as pidgin itself provides a lot
of translations, there is still lack of translated pidgin's website.
That can really increase number of users. I understand that scope for
that idea is too narrow to work during GSoC but I thought about
combine it with idea to rewrite plugin's window (both ideas affect

Regarding, "Easy plugins with website": I've got already some ideas
for new plugins window. In 2011, I was working for Tcl/Tk Community
creating "Tcl Plugin For Netbeans" during GSoC. Netbeans has quite
convenient plugins window[2], pidgin should borrow some of these
elements. In case of long list of plugins - search field is really
useful. Also tabs for available standard and downloaded plugins might
be used. Additionally, I thought about including option/button "Get
Plugin by URL" for some users it might be helpful. Regarding
installation from website: Mentioned (in idea's description) Adium has
the same solution as Spotify, I think that's the best solution -
executed using xdg-open. It need to be considered whether pidgin
binary will handle command from browser or maybe separately prepared

Please let me know what do you think about such combination. I think
that there is no need for whole plugin portal for current amount of
plugins, and replacing current "Go" with command to do "one click
install" plus installation directly from tuned plugins window (using
web view) might be well combined with website translations.



dmp at freenode

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