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Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Apr 22 02:57:00 EDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 3:08 PM, Tobia Tesan <tobia.tesan at> wrote:
> 1. While we are at it, I noticed that the "Get Info" window from the contact
> list could as well benefit from the treatment, showing the same info I get
> in Google Contacts.
> I am not sure if there is anything else that can be reasonably done.
> I think editing and reorganizing contacts is a bit outside our scope, it's
> more of an Address Book application thing, do you agree?

I agree.  I guess I should add that I'm personally not super excited
about a plugin that shows Google Contact information in various
places.  I'm a minimalist, and the added UI complexity of seeing that
extra information does not justify the benefit for me.  But that's
just me.

> 2. I noticed that under libpurple/protocols/jabber there is already some
> Google-specific code (GTalk, A/V and stuff).
> Does this matter? Should I leave it alone?

Yeah it's fine.  We're ok with Google-specific XMPP code living in the
XMPP PRPL directly.  I think code that interfaces with a non-XMPP API
should not live there.

> Among other things, I'd probably have to authenticate with the Google APIs
> using the same credentials as Google Talk: if I had a separate plugin would
> I have to have the user re-entering the same credentials twice or is there
> any way I can snatch them from the jabber plugin (i suspect not)?

Plugins have access to usernames and passwords.

> Would it make sense to draft a proposal to do this along with, say, adding
> support for some XEPs and fixing some XMPP bugs?
> In the Ideas page, what do you guys exactly refer to when you ask for
> "better Gmail support"?
> Is there a thread somewhere on the ML I can read to catch up?
> Couldn't find it.

I don't know.  My guess is that "better Gmail support" should be
changed to "better support for Google hosted XMPP" or something.  I
don't who added that to the ideas page or what they had in mind.

> § The Easy Plugins idea is starting to look promising and meaningful to me,
> as well.
> ...
> 1. Is there any existing mockup or something, interface-wise?
> I've been told by UX people that every time a programmer designs an
> interface, a fairy dies somewhere :)

Not that I know of.

> 2. Django allowed?


> do you have anything against receiving more than a proposal from a single
> student?


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