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> Yesterday I tried to implement custom_smiley_add etc. in
> PurpleConversationUiOps for my Visual Studio program. The callback gets a
> PurpleConversation pointer, the text of the smiley, and a bool called
> "remote" (which I have no idea what it does, but it doesn't matter right
> now).
> The PurpleConversation contains the name/title of the conversation, and it
> seems to be used for identifying the sender of the smiley. As I see it,
> this is the only way to know who sent it. This works if talking with a
> single buddy, but not in a group chat. Is there no way to find out who sent
> the smiley in a chat? I could probably read the next sent message to
> identify the sender, but in that case I can't cache the custom smiles. It
> is always possible that someone else also sent a custom smiley with the
> same text, but it is a different smiley.

For smiley caching and identifying any given smiley, we store them using a
hash of the image as filename/identifier, not the name. Maybe this can help
on that.

> A separate question. Is there an 8Kib limit on smileys built into the XMPP
> standard? (This is what I found:**
> xep-0231.html <> )
> When receiving a custom smiley with XMPP, the message contains some XML
> tags that don't seem to have any influence on the formatting. (Mainly XML
> namespace tags.) Can that simply be ignored or does this mean that you have
> to know such details about the protocols?


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