smiley limit

Zoltán Sólyom z-ismeretlen at
Tue Apr 16 04:23:48 EDT 2013

Yesterday I tried to implement custom_smiley_add etc. in 
PurpleConversationUiOps for my Visual Studio program. The callback gets 
a PurpleConversation pointer, the text of the smiley, and a bool called 
"remote" (which I have no idea what it does, but it doesn't matter right 

The PurpleConversation contains the name/title of the conversation, and 
it seems to be used for identifying the sender of the smiley. As I see 
it, this is the only way to know who sent it. This works if talking with 
a single buddy, but not in a group chat. Is there no way to find out who 
sent the smiley in a chat? I could probably read the next sent message 
to identify the sender, but in that case I can't cache the custom 
smiles. It is always possible that someone else also sent a custom 
smiley with the same text, but it is a different smiley.

A separate question. Is there an 8Kib limit on smileys built into the 
XMPP standard? (This is what I found: )

When receiving a custom smiley with XMPP, the message contains some XML 
tags that don't seem to have any influence on the formatting. (Mainly 
XML namespace tags.) Can that simply be ignored or does this mean that 
you have to know such details about the protocols?

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