GSoC - hello world!

Piotr Krzemiński krzema12 at
Wed Apr 17 19:03:10 EDT 2013


my name is Peter, I'm a 21-year-old IT student from Poland. I'm really 
glad I found Pidgin on the list of projects I could potentially work on 
during this year's GSoC. I use Pidgin every day and I find it the best 
client I've used so far. However, there are some minor problems that 
makes it sometimes hard to use.

I wanted to offer fixing some bugs regarding Gadu-Gadu plugin stability 
and archive (e.g. not preserving new line characters), but as I can see, 
there's a proposed project with many other features regarding archive. 
It looks great, I'd be glad to rewrite the whole chat log. Actually, 
while browsing the list of ideas, most of them fit into my "profile" 
(like the web site translation, great project), so my question to you is 
- which one would you find most necessary to implement? I suppose the 
chat log thing is an important one, so I'd be happy to hear it as an 
answer :)

Of course this is not my official GSoC application, I just wanted to say 
hello and probably learn more about the project and things I could do.

Best regards,
Piotr Krzemiński.

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