GSOC Chat log storage: My thoughts

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Fri Apr 19 16:30:57 EDT 2013

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 2:51 PM, Peter Lawler <bleeter at> wrote:

> Hi all potential GSOC students,
> Whilst I have no input into the selection of projects for GSOC2013, I'd
> like to make an observation about some of the expressions of interest I've
> seen regarding the Chat Log. I've sent this mail to the list, and CC'd
> folks I've seen expressing interest. If I've missed CC'ing you, I do humbly
> apologise.
> To my mind, a Chat Log storage format update would abstract out the
> storage medium for the log. This would mean SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, SMTP,
> SNMP, FTP, WebDAV, JSON, CSV or flat file logging 'plugins' would be able
> to be written by anyone else. Naturally, taking this approach, a GSOC2013
> project would supply at least one of these backend plugins as proof that
> it's working. This would keep with the general pidgin/libpurple philosophy
> of abstraction and extensibility.
> Anyways, as I say, these are just my thoughts as a (Retired?) Retired
> Crazy Patch Writer and in no way represent the thoughts of current Devs or
> those Devs involved with GSOC2013 and in fact may be out of scope as far as
> their own thoughts for this year go.
> Regards,
> Pete.

Agree with Peter and I would like to add some points I have mentioned in
other threads to keep this one as a single reference point.

If the logs will not be stored in plain text, it is a *MUST* to have some
way to see them without opening pidgin, also it should work in command
line, no nice-UI-not-working-over-ssh.

I don't know how Adium or Instantbird stores the logs, but this SoC will be
pidgin-specific or libpurple-wide?


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