GSOC Chat log storage: My thoughts

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Fri Apr 19 15:51:43 EDT 2013

Hi all potential GSOC students,
Whilst I have no input into the selection of projects for GSOC2013, I'd 
like to make an observation about some of the expressions of interest 
I've seen regarding the Chat Log. I've sent this mail to the list, and 
CC'd folks I've seen expressing interest. If I've missed CC'ing you, I 
do humbly apologise.

To my mind, a Chat Log storage format update would abstract out the 
storage medium for the log. This would mean SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, 
SMTP, SNMP, FTP, WebDAV, JSON, CSV or flat file logging 'plugins' would 
be able to be written by anyone else. Naturally, taking this approach, a 
GSOC2013 project would supply at least one of these backend plugins as 
proof that it's working. This would keep with the general 
pidgin/libpurple philosophy of abstraction and extensibility.

Anyways, as I say, these are just my thoughts as a (Retired?) Retired 
Crazy Patch Writer and in no way represent the thoughts of current Devs 
or those Devs involved with GSOC2013 and in fact may be out of scope as 
far as their own thoughts for this year go.



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