Google Summer of Code 2013 Android 'Proxy' Client

Louis Lepper me at
Wed Apr 24 04:15:04 EDT 2013

I just submitted a proposal for GSOC for the Android 'Proxy' Client idea
that's listed here:
Here is my proposal:

I thought that it might be good to introduce myself:
I'm Louis,
I'm currently on exchange at the University of Hong Kong, from my home
university, the University of Otago in New Zealand.

I've used pidgin for a very long time, I remember using it when it was
still gaim. It's a very handy piece of software, thank you all very much
for your efforts in creating it.

I think that a lightweight messaging client would be extremely useful for
android, and we can do this very well by offloading the bulk of the
processing to a desktop client.
I'd love to make that app.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys,
Louis Lepper
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