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Asasz asasz6 at
Wed Apr 24 06:36:39 EDT 2013


I have an idea for Google Summer of Code project that i would like to code
and i would like to ask for Your  feedback on it.

Some time ago i was in need of simple and easy to use IM client with
capability of storing chat room's log (emphasis on room). Sadly, there are
none available. I would like to add this functionality to Pidgin's chat
log, of course in a way that will correspond to requirements stated for new
chat log (i.e. one database file, etc).

As i have little to none knowledge in creating UI's i would like to focus
on the backend.
It also seems that most of work to be done here is similar to that needed
in backend for new chat log for regular conversations, so if You believe
that amount of work to be done on this project is not enough for GSoC
project i am willing to do both.

Best regards,
Aleksander Szymanek
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