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Sat Apr 27 05:16:30 EDT 2013


It is a good start that you searched your way throgh the source code. 
However, the "is it enough" question can be easilly answered: No. You 
would just have to do the Steps 3 and 4 you mentioned, both are not that 
much work to do.

If you want to do a GSoC project, you should think about something that 
really fills a summer. You might add more features to the search, like 
also including search options for buddies not on the list, for chats or 
for other features like directly adding a buddy when entering a valid 
jabber id.

When you have done that, you should think about how much time each 
feature needs and see if it fills a whole summer. If it does and you 
were honest, it is a sufficient GSoC project and you can write an 
application. If it does not, find some more features, they might also be 
protocol specific. Don't just adjust the times you got.


Am 27.04.2013 06:54, schrieb Sathyavarathan Sivabalasingam:
> As i went through the code, the buddy search is done by a function called
> "pidgin_blist_search_equal_func" which will call another function
> "pidgin_tree_view_search_equal_func" and some other.
> so as i understood, thes functions are to be modified to get a better buddy
> search results.
> this would be like this flow....
> 1. user press CRL+F, as it is already a small search field wil show up.
> 2. user enters some strings
> 3. the default buddy list will be replace by a temporary GtkTreeModel to
> show only the contacts that our algorithm finds.
> 4.and hilight entered string in all matching buddy lebels (if lebel
> contains the entered string)
> 5. from the new temporary list that matches entered string, user can
> selected one of buddy in the list.
> 6. then as usual new chat window will open.
> did i get it correct?
> and is this sufficient enough to be a project in GSoc.
> Thank you.
> On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 9:54 PM, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
>> Sathyavarathan Sivabalasigam spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>> Please somebody reply me
>> It's been only a few hours, you obviously haven't read up on either
>> Google Summer of Code in general or Pidgin's Google Summer of Code
>> information, and you didn't ask a question taht can be usefully
>> answered.  This is not a good first impression.
>> I suggest that you read up on SoC and Pidgin's SoC pages, and come
>> back with more specific questions that we might be able to help you
>> with.
>> Ethan
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