MSN (WLM) stopped working

Frank Lanitz frank at
Sun Apr 28 13:45:31 EDT 2013

Am 22.04.2013 08:59, schrieb Mark Doliner:
> On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 12:04 AM, Frank Lanitz <frank at> wrote:
>> Am 16.04.2013 22:54, schrieb saxrain:
>>> I'm having the same problem with Pidgin not working. It just stopped suddenly
>>> and now I have no information showing in the contacts area. Do we have new
>>> protocol information that we need to enter. Skype just had me update and I'm
>>> wondering if that was all part of it.
>> Most likely its the announced Skype transsition of MSN users.
> Hmm.  What makes you think this is the most likely explanation?

Well... synchronisation between stopped working and Microsoft wanted to
change something.

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