[GSOC] Plugins Website - Progress as of 29th August 2013

Bhaskar Kandiyal bkandiyal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 15:36:30 EDT 2013

Hi! :)

Here's a quick rundown of what I've been upto the past few weeks.

* I was working mainly on the plugins window. I fixed a few bugs here
and there but most of all I was able to get auto-updation working. Like
Mark suggested I have made a weekly check for updates at startup and I
also put a timer to check for updates while Pidgin is running. The
updates are installed silently without bugging the user.

* I've added the ability to filter system-wide plugins and user's
downloaded plugins from the category pane.

* Support for installation of buddy list themes and sound themes etc.
has also been added. These usually come in zip files so I've added a
small single-source zip library called "Miniz" [1] to libpurple for
easily extracting the zip files. Can we ship it with libpurple? It's
license is completely open. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

Unfortunately, there's no versioning system for these Pidgin themes so I
couldn't add automatic updates for them. But it should be easy to add
this functionality if we do support some sort of versioning in the future.

* The user can now choose the type of upload i.e either plugin, sound
theme etc. from the website. So it would be easier to install them from
the plugins window.

* I've migrated fully to Bootstrap 3 final for the website and it looks
a bit better than before :)

* A new 'wizard' like interface for uploading plugins has now been added
to the website. Earlier things were a bit cluttered with all the form
fields here and there now things should be more organized.

Next up I'll be adding some missing features (editing of comments etc.)
and an admin control panel for announcements and managing comments and
'flagged' plugins. I'll also be cleaning up code from the plugins
window. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to let me know :)

Bhaskar Kandiyal

[1] - http://code.google.com/p/miniz/

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