How obtain libpurple for windows

Peter Lawler bleeter at
Sat Feb 9 16:17:11 EST 2013

On 10/02/13 08:06, Kevin Stange wrote:
> On 02/09/2013 01:11 PM, Peter Lawler wrote:
>> On 10/02/13 01:24, Flamaros wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am searching a simple way to obtain the libpurple on Windows, without
>>> building pidgin.
>>> Is there a prebuilded version?
>> Have you tried downloading the .exe installer and getting your
>> libpurple.dll out of that?
> Actually, there's a zip file release here which would make things easier:
> That would avoid having to deal with extracting or installing from the
> .exe installer.

Heh, probably. I just looked at the contents of the .exe with an archive 
viewer under Linux. I guess there's some under the hood magics going on 
there that may not be available natively on W*.

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