Procedure for starting development for beginners

Richard Laager rlaager at
Thu Feb 21 22:15:18 EST 2013

I assume you're on Linux.

Start small.

Grab the latest Pidgin tarball and build from source:
   Download the tarball from the website.
   Unpack it.
   make install

Run the pidgin executable you just built. It should be
in /usr/local/bin/pidgin.

Now try to make some change. Edit pidgin/gtkdialogs.c. Find my name and
change it to yours. Re-run "make" and "make install". Re-start Pidgin.
Look at the Help -> About box and find your name. :)

From there, use your programming skills to make some changes and see how
they work. Later, if you have something to submit, you can read up on
how to use the diff program to submit a diff. Or you can checkout our
code from the repository instead of using a tarball. But those are more
advanced topics that you can learn later.

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