Procedure for starting development for beginners

Naveen Narayanan princeofdarkness4444 at
Thu Feb 21 21:54:58 EST 2013

        i understand that there aren't any projects assigned specifically
to anyone in pidgin. But could you explain the concept of development and
the exact procedure of what has to be done or a link or just point a
direction. I am asking this because as a newbie i get bewildered real easy.
I understand that i have to go download the source code and then compile
it. But the exact question i have is, how you do it. I am sorry that i am
really bugging you guys with this. I just want to know more in detailed
about it. i don't expect myself to magical understand everything but
still.. i just want to know about what should be done afterwards. i have
gone and searched all along in the bug trackers, but after that i don't
have any lead. I just end up at there with no further movement. I
understand what repositories are, but after that i have nothing to do. Like
should i go to repositories to see the modified code or should i compile
the new code and find out the bugs etc. I am newbie, i know these things
may seem very silly to you. But i humbly request you to please help.
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