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Tomasz Wasilczyk tomkiewicz.groups at
Wed Feb 27 12:39:54 EST 2013

2013/2/26 M.S. Suraj <mssurajkaiga at>:
> I was thinking of improving the overall interface... I want to add the
> following functionality to the interface:
> (...)

This project proposal returns year-by-year, because it looks easy.
Indeed, most (almost all?) proposals focus on weird GUI changes,
totally not related to Pidgin idea (not to care about "accounts", just
"buddies"). Common part of all these proposals is simple: all of them
can be done effortlessly within week or two.

My petition for all these students, that wants to propose this project
(I would bet, there will be few more than this one): please, make some
effort. You can find out, what I mean, by looking at my last year's
proposal of the same project:
(mockups included too)

> Additionally, I was thinking of adding an extract log feature that (...)

Isn't it already accomplished by log reader plugin (installed by
default with Pidgin)?

> I have attached a simple design I made sometime ago.. The bottom bar is used
> to select the date and it shows the activity for the particular day..
> (similar to gnome-activity-journal).

For me, such bar is useless for most users. It could be done via
plugin, but I don't think it's worth effort.


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