[GSOC] File Transfer - Progress as of July 11th 2013

Ashish Gupta ashmew2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 01:53:52 EDT 2013

I have been unable to post weekly updates so far as work had stalled for
two weeks as I've had too many health related issues. Apologies for that.

Moving on to better things :D

I'm currently working to fix the Google Talk <-> libpurple File Transfers.
My last commit to the repository /soc/2013/ashmew2/filetransferX changes
the code so that the Google Talk client can sense that we can indeed
support file transfers and that it should try to send files.

Commit : /soc/2013/ashmew2/filetransferX: 455ad2901abc: Enabling share-v1

What does not work currently is that once a request from Google Talk is
initiated, no request on the other side shows up to accept or deny the file
transfer request. I'll be focusing on fixing that now.

Ashish Gupta
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