[GSOC] Quail - Progress 11th July 2013

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Thu Jul 11 07:04:15 EDT 2013


An update taken from my Quail blog ( http://www.quail.im ):

So I am a good part into the Quail project, I am using
the libpurple source, various Qt porting guides and the Qt documentation. I
feel like the code is just writing itself now, which is so much nicer place
to be.

I am writing a lot of code just to get the basics like a buddy list,
accounts and conversation up and running. I now understand how to work with
both C++ and C calls, however I'm no ninja just yet. A for loop which mixed
both a QList and a GList is kind of unusual in programming, however its
just not worth converting the GList to a QList or vice versa for the sake
of it:

	for (widget = widgets.first(), l = chatInfoList;

		 widget != NULL && l != NULL;

		 widget = widgets.next(), l = l->next)


*(widgets is a QList<QWidget*> and chatInfoList is a GList of
Whilst I am disappointed I don't have a screen yet. I am fully expecting to
be using Quail as my chat client before the months out. It probably won't
have the features all wired up, however as long as I can see people and
chat with them by the end of the month I'll be happy.

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