Quail progress 18th July 2013

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Thu Jul 18 05:36:44 EDT 2013


I post to Quails website [1] more than I do here as not to spam people.
However I thought I should provide a small update here as to my progress.

Basically I have the buddy list working, although not looking beautiful
just yet. The accounts window is looking good and I can enable accounts.
Quail is connecting to servers and populating the buddy list with entries.
I expect to have a conversation using Quail within the next few days and am
doing my best not to get caught up in details at this stage. The goal has
been to get something usable by the mid-terms and then after that start
polishing it to get it as feature complete as Pidgin as I can before the
end of the summer.


[1] http://www.quail.im
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