Status of buddy tooltips?

Bjoern Voigt bjoernv at
Fri Jul 19 09:15:42 EDT 2013


with Pidgin 3.0.0devel I have the problem, that buddy tooltips
often stay visible forever on the screen. I did not find out,
which buddy tooltips timeout normally and which buddy tooltips
stay forever. My work: Minimize the buddy list and open buddy list
again. I have to do this several times everyday.

My setup:
- openSUSE 12.3
- Xorg 7.6
- KDE 4.10 desktop
- GTK+ 3.8.2
- Pidgin (main branch)

There are some bug reports about the missing option to disable
buddy tooltips:

 #3899 Tooltips should be a user preference
 #9855 Option to disable tooltips in buddy list, or tooltip only
when hovering over buddy name
 #5106 Added timeout to hide buddy list tooltips

Still I can not find an option to disable tooltips within Pidgin
itself. Are there any good work-arounds or solutions for the problem?


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