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Court on another matter. The department was allegedly concerned that the 
high court, in the course of reviewing that case, would strike down 
a major element of civil rights enforcement."Perez simply could not allow 
the Court to rule," the report said. "Perez sought leverage to stop 
the city from pressing its appeal."The case the Justice Department was allegedly 
concerned about was St. Paul's appeal to the Supreme Court, on a 
case in which property owners said the city made extraordinary efforts, 
through strict code enforcement, to condemn their properties.The owners 
said reducing the amount of affordable housing for minorities violated the 
federal Fair Housing Act -- by what is known as "disparate impact."Perez 
appeared to think the Supreme Court overturning the case would have been 
a severe blow to civil rights enforcement, the report concluded.The "disparate 
impact" provision, which the report described as legally questionable, prohibits 
housing policies that end up discriminating against certain groups even 
if those policies are not blatantly discriminatory."Perez sought, facilitated, 
and consummated this deal because he feared that the Court would find 
disparate impact unsupported by the text of the Fair Housing Act," the 
report said.The other end of the alleged deal was for the Justice 
Department not to get involved in cases against the city of St. 
Paul that alleged the city received millions in Department of Housing and 
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