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 r chain of command."I have come across 
SA-7's in the hands of friendly forces, meaning whether they are surrogate 
military or police forces that wanted to hand over and they were 
unable to do that because there was no program in place," one 
source said. "No government organizations were interested, no special operations 
organizations were interested."Asked if it was frustrating to know that 
those on the ground are willing to pass along weapons, yet without 
a plan in place for the transaction, the source said: "It was 
frustrating not only for myself, but for the men and the guys 
that I work with. We always talk amongst each other and discuss 
it's probably going to take a 747, a 757 to get shot 
down in Tripoli for somebody to pay attention to that, which is 
unfortunate." Mubarak Ali Gilani, the shadowy founder of Muslims of the Americas, is 
believed to be living in Pakistan. (Christian Action Network)Christian Action 
Network vows to bring Gilani, founder of Muslims of the Americas, into 
a U.S. court if the $30 million defamation suit proceeds. (Christian Action 
Network)Gilani, who is believed to be in his eighties, fires a weapon 
in a training video made by Muslims of the Americas. (Christian Action 
Network)Muslims of the Americas has rural bases in several states, including 
South Carolina and New York.The shadowy leader of an American Muslim organization 
accused of running terror training camps in the U.S. could find himself 
being questioned under oath if his outfit follows through on its $30 
million defamation suit against the Christian group that leveled the charges 
in a best-selling book.Muslims of the Americas, a group founded in the 
1980s by elusive Pakistani Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, is suing the Christian 
Action Network for defamation and libel following CANs recent publication 
of the book Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamist Terrorist 
Training Camps Inside America. Co-authored by CAN founder Martin Mawyer 
and Patti Pierucci, the book accuses MOA of acting as a front 
for the radical Islamist group Jamaat al-Fuqra.In the suit, filed this year 
in federal court in Albany, N.Y., the Muslim group accuses Mawyer, Pierucci 
and CAN of "malicious, repetitious and continuous pronouncements and
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