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Blood Pressure Myth Exposed...?


 BRUSSELS  The European Parliament on Tuesday voted in favor of financial 
reforms, including a new law to cap bankers' bonuses.The rule limits bonus 
payments at one year's base salary, or double that if a large 
majority of a bank's shareholders agrees. It will come into force next 
year and will also apply to European units of foreign banks and 
the employees of EU banks working overseas   in New York, 
for example.Lawmakers in Strasbourg overwhelmingly backed the proposed law 
and passed a sweeping package of financial laws that will force banks 
in the 27-nation European Union to strengthen their capital buffers."We 
are making our banks more resilient to crises with today's decision so 
that they no longer have to be bailed out with taxpayers' money," 
said Othmar Karas, a leading conservative lawmaker who oversaw the legislation.The 
new reforms    detailed in a 1,000-page document   
 also lay important groundwork for the creation of a centralized banking 
supervisor for the eurozone, a cornerstone of the 17-country currency bloc's 
effort to tackle its debt crisis.The package of financial reforms   
 which implement the internationally agreed Basel III rules    
were hammered out earlier this year after months of arduous negotiations 
between EU governments, the EU Commission and parliament. They now have 
to be implemented in national law by next year.Karas called the set 
of rules the "most comprehensive and far-reaching banking regulation in 
t log posting said that although there was no 
indication of a direct threat to Seattle, officers would be increasing patrols 
and activity around the city. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)The Associated PressLONDON 
 With more than 30 marathons being held this weekend alone and 
big events on the horizon, officials around the world are boosting security 
efforts in the wake of the fatal bomb blasts that shook Boston's 
race.Britain was it was making last-minute efforts to tighten measures for 
former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral on Wednesday at St. Paul's 
Cathedral, which is to be attended by hundreds of diplomats and dignitaries, 
including Queen Elizabeth II and Price Harry.Russian sports officials said 
Tuesday they will beef up security in preparation for the Winter Olympics 
and other events.Police in some major U.S. cities were monitoring landmarks, 
government buildings, transit hubs and sporting events. Law enforcement 
agencies also urged the public via Twitter and Facebook to report suspicious 
activity to the police."No matter how many days, months or years pass 
without a major terrorist attack, it only takes one such attack to 
bring us back to the cruel reality," Interpol chief Ron Noble told 
The Associated Press early Tuesday, saying police would be on high alert.Although 
security has been increased at some U.S. and European landmarks, overall 
terror threat levels have remained unchanged   in contrast to other 
recent bombings and t
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