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 e arranged in the configuration expected from the mission's entry, 
descent and landing plan, but it's too early to say for sure 
whether the photo actually depicts Mars 3."I wanted to attract people's 
attention to the fact that Mars exploration today is available to practically 
anyone," Egorov said in a NASA statement. "At the same time we 
were able to connect with the history of our country, which we 
were reminded of after many years through the images from the Mars 
Reconnaissance Orbiter."A Russian scientists and advisor to the group, Alexander 
Basilevsky of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry 
in Moscow, contacted the MRO team and requested the orbiter take a 
follow-up image to confirm the features. The satellite's High Resolution 
Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera took a second image on March 
10 of this year, which confirmed the features."Together, this set of features 
and their layout on the ground provide a remarkable match to what 
is expected from the Mars 3 landing, but alternative explanations for the 
features cannot be ruled out," said HiRISE principal investigator Alfred 
McEwen of the University of Arizona. "Further analysis of the data and 
future images to better understand the three-dimensional shapes may help 
to confirm this interpretation."Following the Mars 3 mission, the Soviet 
Union attempted twice more to land spacecraft on the Red Planet with 
the Mars 6 and Mars 7 missions in 1973,  Dec. 22, 2012: People look over a table of handguns for sale 
at a gun show in Kansas City, Missouri.ReutersJEFFERSON CITY  The Missouri 
State Highway Patrol acknowledged Thursday that it has twice provided a 
list of 163,000 Missouri residents with concealed gun permits to a federal 
investigator  an admission immediately seized upon by Republicans as grounds 
for further investigations, firings and potentially even criminal charges 
against state officials.Testifying before a Senate committee, Highway Patrol 
Col. Ron Replogle said the concealed guns list was given to an 
investigator looking into potential fraud involving Social Security benefits 
for the disabled. But he said the investigator never was able to 
read the encrypted information and ultimately destroyed the computer discs.Republicans 
expressed concern that the privacy rights of Missouri residents are being 
infringed, but members of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon's administration insisted 
there was nothing wrong with the information sharing.The fact that the information 
may never have been used by federal agents did little to pacify 
Republican lawmakers, who ratcheted up their opposition to a state database 
storing personal information about driver's license applicants, including 
whether they have concealed gun permits.Republican House Speaker Tim Jones 
called upon Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster to appoint an independent 
investigatory panel. Republican members of the Senate Ap
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