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 w York gun owner had his 
weapons mistakenly seized. They were later ordered to be returned.Sens. 
Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., who drafted the background 
check amendment, insist a registry is expressly prohibited.The language 
of the proposal says the Justice Department "may not consolidate or centralize 
the records" on firearms sales or possession. It goes on to say 
nothing in the proposal would allow the establishment of a "federal firearms 
registry."Manchin, speaking on CBS' "Face the Nation," reiterated that sellers 
can do a background check and keep a record -- but the 
proposal would prohibit a national registry, punishing anybody who tries 
creating one with up to 15 years imprisonment.Despite the assurances, some 
lawmakers were skeptical."It has been said on the floor recently that background 
check legislation cannot lead to gun registries because federal law prohibits 
that. But current federal law can be changed," Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, 
said last week, calling recordkeeping a "step toward registration."He cited 
testimony that gun registration is important to ensuring a system of universal 
background checks works.Those concerns were echoed Monday by Blunt, who 
said he plans to oppose the bill. He cited reports last week 
that said 185,000 people in his state were affected after a list 
of concealed-weapon permit holders was given to federal officials.Sen. Tom 
Coburn, R-Okla., also said in a statement last week  A Texas restaurant sparked a heaping dish of controversy this weekend for 
posting a sign on its marquee making fun of domestic violence.Roots Bistro, 
an organic, vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Houston, put up a sign outside 
the restaurant Saturday that read: "Beer should be like violence: domestic."According 
the the Houston Chronicle the sign had been up for only 10 
minutes, yet it quickly drew criticism on social media sites like Facebook 
and Twitter as passersby who took pictures of the sign and posted 
pictures on the Internet. (See an image of the sign.)One user, Amanda 
Nash wrote on Roots Bistro's Facebook, "Was really disappointed when I saw 
this...domestic violence is not a joke."Manager Kenneth Choateexplained 
that the saying was taken off the Internet by an employee who 
had seen it on an another business marquee, the Chronicle reported."Everyone 
makes mistakes," said Choate. "We completely deserved the backlash, and 
I can't be mad at anyone but myself," he told the Houston 
Press.But in another lapse of judgment, the restaurant took down the offensive 
sign and put up another sign that read: "Seriously, focus your energy 
on equal rights."That sparked even more anger.One used, named Allison Marek 
wrote:I'm MOST upset about the second sign that made light of the 
damage the first sign did. Ya'll are like a little kid that 
has to be forced to apologize for doing something hurtful.By Sunday, the 
restaurant posted a full apology on i
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