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 aid. If one goes offline, 
others fail. Employees don't even have fuses, said Lara. "They have to 
cobble together their own to keep things running.""There's no money to buy 
parts for something that breaks," said Giovanni Rinaldi, a 15-year employee 
at a hydroelectric plant in the eastern city of Ciudad Guayana, which 
he said is plagued by four or five power outages a week 
despite being in the region that generates more than 70 percent of 
Venezuela's electricity.He was fired this week after posting photos on Twitter 
of a state utility company vehicle plastered with Maduro campaign material."We 
had put our own money into keeping those vehicles running because the 
company didn't," Rinaldi, a 40-year-old father of two, said by phone. "It's 
not right."The government hasn't adequately spent to expand and strengthen 
the power grid, critics say.They also blame problems on Cuban, Iranian and 
Uruguayan technicians brought in to run by Chavez to run the system. 
Accidents are up tenfold, and there are places in remote states that 
suffer outages for as long as three to five days, says Lara.Maduro, 
who was sworn in as interim president the day of Chavez's funeral, 
promises better performance but blames the recent surge in outages on sabotage 
by sympathizers of his challenger Sunday, opposition leader Henrique Capriles.The 
government has "militarized" the electric grid and said Tuesday that at 
least 17 alleged saboteurs have been detained but offered n April 10, 2013: A North Korean soldier, center top, looks at the 
southern side as South Korean soldiers stand guard at the border village 
of Panmunjom, which has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War, 
in Paju, north of Seoul, South Korea. The prospect of a North 
Korean missile launch is "considerably high," South Korea's foreign minister 
told lawmakers Wednesday as Pyongyang prepared to mark the April 15 birthday 
of its founder, historically a time when it seeks to draw the 
world's attention with dramatic displays of military power.APPYONGYANG, 
North Korea  North Korea delivered a fresh round of rhetoric Thursday 
with claims it had "powerful striking means" on standby for a launch, 
while Seoul and Washington speculated that the country is preparing to test 
a medium-range missile during upcoming national celebrations.On the streets 
of Pyongyang, meanwhile, North Koreans celebrated the anniversary of leader 
Kim Jong Un's appointment to the country's top party post  one 
in a slew of titles collected a year ago in the months 
after father Kim Jong Il's death.The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification 
of the Fatherland, a nonmilitary agency that deals with relations with South 
Korea, didn't elaborate on its warning of a strike. The statement is 
the latest in a torrent of warlike threats seen outside Pyongyang as 
an effort to raise fears and pressure Seoul and Washington into changing 
their North Korea policy.Officials in Seoul and W
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