Google Talk File Transfers

Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Jun 17 05:42:36 EDT 2013

Hi Ashish,

I noticed that you are going to look at the Google Talk File Transfers. I
was looking at the Jingle ICE communications a couple of months ago. I
thought I should let you know what I found out before I moved on.

There is the standards based Jingle way of doing things which Pidgin

Then there is how GTalk actually implements its own Jingle session

Where I got to is that the <transport> element with the standards method,
sends the transport candidates at the initiation and then Pidgin
automatically expects them to be returned in :

However with the Google method they will arrive later. Whilst I was looking
at it for initiating a video conversation from my Phone to Pidgin I assume
that P2P file transfers also happen over ICE.

The other important thing to note is that in the libpurple source, the
Google specific functions happen in a different section of the code:

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